Poem for my love

What a life you lived, what a life we shared
My mind filled with memories, only of us we cared
A love infinite and intense, embraced beautifully everyday
Never taken for granted, never to fade away

A love so strong and true, into each other’s souls we stared
Our everyday fairy tale, no other loved compared
Frustrated we would get, that no one understood
What it was like to love each other, I guess no one really could

Each other’s first loves at just thirteen, last loves at just twenty nine
You always said the good die young, I just wish we had more time
So grateful for the way we lived and loved, passion shared so deeply
Every moment that we shared together, we lived in so completely

It was always you from the day we met, our souls had always been one
So deeply I always loved you, all that you were and were yet to become
My weaknesses were your strengths, your strength you passed on to me
Your demons we began to overcome, just a matter of time till you would be free

Saying I love you never felt enough, we longed to express it more
Shown in the way we treated each other, intimate beach walks along the shore
Gazing into each other’s eyes, and staring up to watch the stars
Every second with you was magical, the feelings near impossible to describe

Fearless you were in life, a front of confidence and so strong
Death I no longer fear, now that you have gone
In your arms I always told you, that’s where I felt at home
Now I will wander searching for you, please don’t leave me alone

Never happier had we been, so in love we were truly blessed
This part is to make you laugh, stage five stalker I was obsessed
What we had was very real, the love we shared was true
I will never love another, it will always only be you

Fiercewidow on Instagram

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