Infinite Love

From the first instant I saw you, I loved you. Our first kiss and every kiss after were so soft yet so powerful. My soul was set on fire by your touch. Just as the ocean never leaves the shore our love for each other is infinite.

Your smile still lights up my day when I look through our photographs. Together we became so lost in one another that there was not a care in the world, apart we felt most fragile. I will endlessly treasure every minute we shared.

Every day was so full of life, we were never not living. Always enjoying every second together, nothing was ever taken for granted. Staring into each other’s eyes we could not explain the intensity of the love that we shared, we only knew it was rare and we felt so lucky to have it.

Real love, pure joy in watching and growing with the other half of our soul. We felt complete when we were in each other’s arms. You were my home and always will be. Now that you are gone, will I wander for the rest of my days? I long for the day that I may see you again and feel your warm embrace.

Our last morning together 13 weeks ago today, we were laughing in the car. In conversation with each other about our perfect life together and our perfect future. I felt euphoric being in your presence, my whole body was rushed with blissful joy just looking at you. I think often of the way you leaned over and kissed my neck as we drove. Placing your hand in mine as we shared intimate smiles and cheeky glances with each other.

I remember feeling your lips on mine, your smell so sweet. I loved all of you so completely and you loved all of me. We lifted and encouraged one another, supported and loved the deepest darkest parts of each other. There were no faults in you, to me you were perfect. I saw in you only your beautiful soul. Your huge heart, your kind, loving and respectful way towards me. I fell more in love with you every day.

Never did we argue or care for life’s insignificant bothers. We teased each other and had debates, we mucked around playfully. We were always laughing, always talking, always enjoying every second that we had together. Never did we bother with TV or social media, we were infatuated and blissfully content just being in each other’s company. We needed nothing but one another. It was pure happiness and love all the time. We could literally feel love pulsating between us and would get frustrated that no one we knew could understand how we felt. Now I am frustrated that few understand how it feels without you.

How can a love so deep, so real, so pure and true come to an end. It doesn’t and never will. Our love for each other is endless. I will spend the rest of my days searching for a way to be close to you again. I long for the day that I can physically touch you and hold you. No one ever had my heart the way you did. My heart and my soul were always yours and yours were always mine. You respected it and protected it, until it was broken the day you died. In pieces it will never fit back together the same way, part of it will always be with you.

The energy of our love will guide both of us through this journey. The one thing that I am most grateful for is that we really lived, we loved deeply, and we shared in every minute with each other intensely and passionately. I can take strength from the way we loved each other, allowing no regrets only perfect memories.

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