Twin Souls – Poetry

20151031_210752Together we were complete,

One soul torn in two,

Not fated to remain one on this earthly plane

Ripped apart without a choice,

Predestined by contract, the choice was already made,

A contract we would choose time and time again

Considerably to intense and flawless for this life,

In the next we will reunite, infinitely as one forever more,

Until then, know that I love you, it was always only you

Fierce Widow

Fiercewidow on Instagram

2 thoughts on “Twin Souls – Poetry

  1. So beautiful, what day did he die? Mine died Dec 19, 2015. Massive heat attack.
    The pain in my chest is constant and I keep loosing my voice. It’s called broken heart syndrome. Something that is real and had been studied at some of the best hospitals. Hugs

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