The Value of Friendships

She is a gift, the understanding friend during grief. The person to hear you ramble for hours on end about the life you once had with your love. She is priceless. The friend that doesnt feel awkward and understands your need to speak whats on your mind. This person knows that your love is always on your mind. She understands that you will be selfish now and even ignorant. She is there regardless. This person knows you need her and you love her unconditionally for listening.

This friend laughs with you, crys with you and comforts you through your darkest moments. Treasure this friend for she is rare. She has suffered loss like you, although different she doesnt try to compare, she knows that no loss is the same. She knows you need alone time, but is there when you need her. Your grateful you dont have to ask her to come, she is there and she motivates you to go on. She brings a smile to your face through the tears but not by changing the subject. Thats something she would never do. She listens to your every word and lifts your spirit with her presence.

The friend that asks you questions about your love. Like how you met, what were the things you did together. She is genuinely interested and genuinely cares. She is the friend that remembers specific dates others forget. The friend that posts you a valentines gift or gives you a card when you were dreading February 14th. She is thoughtful in her actions around you but never uncomfortable. She encourages you and doesn’t give up on you.

I am lucky to have her.


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