Welcome to Fierce Widow, this blog is called Fierce Widow because I refuse to give up this daily fight. The goal is to not give up even when we have been struck with this nightmare of loosing our soul mates.

We more than most know that life is to short, cruel and unfair. I push myself to make the most of what life has given me and treasure every moment like its the last. Live for today and strive to make it to tomorrow.

In early December 2015 life was turned upside down. Never was it to be the same again, never would I be the same again.

I lost my partner and the love of my life unexpectedly, he was 29. Our lives had just begun when our future, full of bright happy plans was ripped from underneath us.John and Kaiti, Holiday, August 15

This is the reality we are faced with. How do I cope with this reality? I write, I blog and I find comfort in comforting others. I choose to live a positive life through the endless heartache.

One of the biggest gifts and strengths my partner gave me was this.

He showed me how to live!

To enjoy and appreciate the little things in life that most people take for granted. He taught me to live in the moment, to take advantage of what life has to offer because life is to short to live any other way.

My goal is to pass on the lessons and strength that my partner gave me. To motivate, inspire and offer encouragement to other women faced with the same reality as me.

Like most of you reading this blog my heart will never be the same, I thank god for my children. Without them I most certainly would not be here today. But I am here, just as you are. I will not give up as long as my children breathe. I will show them how to live the way my partner lived. So fearlessly, not concerned with judgment. So confidently and with passion for life.

Each day we lived was lived to the fullest. Our children deserve to experience that. I hope my blog inspires others, makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you live.

With love, strength and sorrow in my heart.

Happy reading and bless you all, Love K

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  1. It’s been 2 months since my wife of 12 years passed suddenly and unexpectedly . Reading this and another article you have written summed up perfectly what I have felt and experienced. We have 2 East idyl kids (8 and 4) and every day I am showing them to laugh smile enjoy every minute of life and when we are at an emotional or spiritual crossroads just ask “What would mommy want?” And that clears the path ahead for us. The heartache is always there but to continue to give our kids the lives we had started for them is my mission and to finish what we started. Never though abut starting over again at 40. But our legacy is our family and the love that created it and that will never leave.


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