357 Days of a Widows Grief

As much as I try to escape it, that day has been on replay in my mind for the past few weeks. The lead up to the one year mark of the day life changed. Terrified at the thought of what emotions this day will bring me. Angry that this day has a place in … More 357 Days of a Widows Grief

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Being winter it was freezing but we rested in each other’s embrace sharing body warmth and looking up at the stars above. For hours we laughed and reminisced on our teenage years together, telling stories and confessing thoughts… … More A Walk Down Memory Lane

Only Words

Every day you’re in a daze, not completely there. Will you ever be completely in a moment again? Is there a term for feeling this consumed with thoughts of your love? Or is it just called grief because no one can explain it any other way? There are to little words in the English language. … More Only Words

Infinite Love

From the first instant I saw you, I loved you. Our first kiss and every kiss after were so soft yet so powerful. My soul was set on fire by your touch. Just as the ocean never leaves the shore our love for each other is infinite. Your smile still lights up my day when … More Infinite Love