Let The Sunshine In

There are times in life that it rains and it pours, storm clouds roll in and it feels as though they are here to stay. However, we weather it out and sunlight inevitably breaks through the dark clouds. Hold on for its light. … More Let The Sunshine In

Twin Souls – Poetry

Together we were complete, One soul torn in two, Not fated to remain one on this earthly plane Ripped apart without a choice, Predestined by contract, the choice was already made, A contract we would choose time and time again Considerably to intense and flawless for this life, In the next we will reunite, infinitely … More Twin Souls – Poetry

Eternal Life

For J.H. Lost in you, lost in our love, yes I am a romantic That emotion, that passion, forever absent till we meet again Tears stream and my heart remains shattered Feeling your spirit, encourages my journey Death creates a barrier but I trust that love and energy is stronger Strength, resilience, courage and peace … More Eternal Life

Poem for my love

What a life you lived, what a life we shared My mind filled with memories, only of us we cared A love infinite and intense, embraced beautifully everyday Never taken for granted, never to fade away A love so strong and true, into each other’s souls we stared Our everyday fairy tale, no other loved … More Poem for my love